A Few Things You May Want To Add To Your Homeowner's Insurance

Posted on: 23 May 2018

Whether you own your home outright or are still paying for it, you need to have homeowner's insurance to protect your investment. The monthly payments for insurance are a small price to pay when something happens to the buildings, yard, or your belongings that are covered. While going with a standard policy, you may want to go through it and see exactly what is covered. Consider your home and everything you own. Consider where your property is located. Then, decide if you need to have anything added to the policy. Here are just a few things you should consider adding if they apply to you.


Unfortunately, if there is moisture in the air, or you have some type of leak in the house, mold will take advantage of it and move in to grow and spread. Any type of mold can create respiratory problems, and there are some that can be seriously dangerous to your health. Mold remediation requires a professional and can become costly if it has spread. While your insurance policy may cover mold, be sure to research the limits of this coverage. Talk with the agent and ask what they recommend in mold coverage for the area.


A standard insurance policy will cover your belongings; up to a point. Be sure to read how much the policy covers. It may be limited to a certain amount per piece with a cap for the whole year. If you have items that are more than the per piece limit or have enough that you would lose a lot of money if you lost the whole collection, be sure to ask for an increase in this category.

Natural Disasters

You do not want to go through a natural disaster to find out your home and property was not covered for it. Floods, earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, and the water damage from a hurricane are not typically covered with standard or basic insurance. If you live in an area where this could be a problem, be sure to have it added to your policy.

The important things are to take the time and read the policy, ask questions if you are not sure of something, and to discuss what your needs are with the insurance agent. Do not be afraid to talk with a few different companies to make sure you buy the coverage you need at the best cost. Let the agents know you will be shopping around, and they will be sure to give you the best advice at the best price.

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