Company Credit Cards: 4 Money Problem Solutions That Digital Forensics Can Provide

Posted on: 6 July 2017

Providing company credit cards is a great way to help employees make and pay for purchases, but it's important to ensure that these accounts are secure. Employee purchases must be tracked, verified, and audited on a regular basis to ensure the cards are being used appropriately. When a problem does occur, it may take a lot more than just looking at account statements to get all of the details. If you've run into a problem with company credit cards, then a digital forensics company can help find a solution and resolve the issues. Once the issues are fixed, you can feel secure in the continued use of the company credit cards for the future.

Unknown Purchases

Company credit cards are often used for things like gas, food, and supplies needed for the job. When using these credit cards at places like a gas station, there may be additional purchases added to the card and passed off as just pure gas. If you are wary about the gas or items that are being purchased, then a digital forensics company can supply you with more detailed information on purchases. Using purchase times, receipt access, and communications with the retailers, these professionals have the ability to supply you with a breakdown of everything that was purchased. These reports can help keep your employees honest and ensure that the company credit cards are being used properly.

Extra Accounts

When using company credit cards, there may be multiple accounts and cards to keep track of. If this is the case, then it's important to keep tabs on these accounts. For example, you do not want duplicates of cards or cards floating out there on accounts that you thought were closed. If an employee leaves the company, then it's also important to keep track of any cars or accounts that they used. Trough digital forensics, a full report can be given on card details. This includes how many copies of a specific card, obsolete cards, or lost cards that were never taken off the company,s account. When all of this comes into play, you can really have a clear picture of ow the accounts are being used. If any suspicious happening, the accounts can be closed and tracked down to the employee that used the card.

Missing Cards

There are many reasons that a company card can go missing. An employee may lose the card, the card could get lost in the office, or it may just get stolen. If the cards are shared between multiple employees, then it may be hard to figure out where exactly the card went or if one is missing at all. Through a detailed report, you can figure out which cards are missing or have not been used. From there, the digital investigators can show you when and where the last card was used. Then you can see which employee had it and where it could have gone.

Fraudulent Purchases

If a company card is stolen, fraudulent purchases can quickly add up. Most of the times, these purchases are made digitally rather than actually swiping the card. Tracking these purchases can be tough, but digital forensics can use online tools to find out more details. These extra details include the IP addresses and websites that the purchases were made on and any shipping addresses that the products were delivered to. Through these methods, you can track down the criminals that are using the card and help prevent any future problems from occurring.

Preparing as much information as possible will help your case move forward more quickly and give the forensic experts the foundation they need to track information.