Common Bail Bonds Service Myths To Ignore

Posted on: 11 April 2017

Each day, there are likely thousands of people that get arrested in the United States. Unfortunately, someone close to you has found themselves in this predicament. In anticipation of their bond hearing, you've probably started researching your options, including pairing with a bail bonds company. If you're on the fence about this solution, your thoughts of concern may be unwarranted as there are a number of myths.

Conditions Aren't Clear

When partnering with a bail bonds company, some people are under the impression that the conditions of the bond term aren't clear, specifically when it comes to the actual bond company. This myth often originates from the fact that both the court and bond company may have their own terms.

For example, the bond company might require that the defendant check in at their office each week even if the court doesn't. Failure to comply could cause their bond to be revoked. Rest assured that if there are any conditions present, the defendant, as well as any other individual assuming responsibility for the bond, will be clearly instructed on these terms.

Bond Companies Want You To Fail

There is also this idea that bond companies somehow want you to fail so that they can cash in and make money. This is completely false. The most important thing to remember is that the bonds company is in essence putting their money on the line for you or the defendant.

In the event the defendant has their bail revoked by the court, the court will look to the bond company to make good on any agreements they made. Bond companies will do everything within their power to protect their assets and ultimately yours as well.

You Must Be A Family Member

Some people feel like they can't work with a bail bonds company if they are not a family member. Sure, the majority of the people who agree to responsibility of bail for a loved one are family members, but this is not the requirement, more like the norm.

When it comes to signing with a bonds company for someone else, it can be any person. Provided the individual can pass the screening requirements by the bonds company, any person willing to assume responsibility is qualified, regardless of their relation.

If you are in need of assistance, remember that bail bonds company are here to help, not to harm. Consider reaching out to a bond professional in your area to get a better idea of your specific options. For more information, contact companies like Brad's Bail Bonds.